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Study Material : NCERT BOOKS : Biology

Chapter-01_Diversity in the living world


Chapter-02_Biological Classification

Chapter-02_Sexual Reproduction in Flowering plant

Chapter-03_ Plant kingdom

Chapter-03_Human Reproduction

Chapter-04_ Animal Kingdom

Chapter-04_Reproductive Health

Chapter-05_Strucutral Organisation in plants and animals

Chapter-05_Genetics and Evolution

Chapter-06_Anatomy of Flowering plants

Chapter-06_Molecular Basis of Inheritance

Chapter-07_Structural Organisation in Animals


Chapter-08_Cell-Structure and Functions

Chapter-08_Biology in Human Welfare


Chapter-09_Strategies for Enhancement in food Production

Chapter-10_Cell Cycle and Cell Division

Chapter-10_Microbes in Human Welfare

Chapter-11_Plant Physiology


Chapter-12_Mineral Nutrients

Chapter-12_Biotechnology and its Applications

Chapter-13_Photosynthesis in Higher Plants


Chapter-14_Respiration in Plants


Chapter-15_Plant Growth and Development

Chapter-15_Biodiversity and Conservation

Chapter-16_ Human Physiology

Chapter-16_Environmental Issues

Chapter-17_Breathing and Exchange of Gases

Chapter-18_Body fluids and Circulation

Chapter-19_Excretory product and their Elimination

Chapter-20_Locomotion and Movement

Chapter-21_ Neural Control and Coordination

Chapter-22_Chemical coordination and Intergration